Xbox updating avatar clothes and accessories

I'm stronger and beefier than I've ever been, and I even grew a goatee in recent times.But I still occasionally feel that tug of femininity, that yearning to be seen as a pretty, quirky girl.Having your identity validated can be a powerful thing; it boosts self-esteem and overall mental and physical health.The Xbox Avatars program works by allowing you to create a brand new avatar.

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I know, given my age and stature, that I would not be comfortable expressing this side of myself in the real world - but here Microsoft was, encouraging me to express myself via its Avatars, and the revamp means there will be more ways than ever before to do so.

When I heard the announcement I imagined giving my Avatar long lashes and a pixie haircut with a flash of bright color, or giving it a slightly more feminine silhouette.

In addition to gender-neutral clothing, users can create pregnant avatars or customize avatars with prosthetic limbs or in wheelchairs.

Before the update, Xbox Live Avatar users were only able to choose clothing based on male or female options.

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