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However, the Golden Globe-winning actress is resistant to change and the friend who sold the story to the tabloid says "things are so bad between them [Latifah and Jeanette] right now, I wouldn't be surprised if they end up going their separate ways very soon." In 2009, the couple bought a home in Los Angeles together.

It is 40 years since Noël Coward’s light went out at Firefly, his bijou hilltop retreat in Jamaica.

Whether or not it's "obvious," it's still his private life and his own business.

Whatever he chooses to disclose with the public is his choice.

"Jeanette, who's a personal trainer, wants her partner to be a fit and healthy parent -- but Latifah can't be bothered.

She can't seem to curb her junk-food binges, drinking and cigar-smoking habits."The report goes on to say Latifah has turned to BFF Jillian Michaels -- who, until recently, was a trainer on "The Biggest Loser" -- to help save her relationship.

Lord Mountbatten described Coward as 14 men in one, and Jenkins shows all the facets of this supremely multitalented man.

While Coward shrinks from the public gaze, Patrice, his present carer, dreams of escaping the sun-drenched island to become a waiter at the Ritz in foggy Britain. As he floats in his turquoise pool, dreams and memories waft him into the past, where he rubs shoulders with Dietrich, Garland and Olivier.

Could Queen Latifah and her long-time girlfriend Jeanette Jenkins be the next celebrity couple to announce their breakup? Jeanette, who was recently caught being really affectionate with Latifah in full view of the public (read: paparazzi), is reportedly unhappy with Latifah's eating and lifestyle habits and is about to bail on the relationship if Latifah doesn't lose weight and shape up.

The 41-year-old entertainer and her galpal of eight years are "fighting and fussing and talking about calling it quits," a close friend told The Enquirer.

"Queen Latifah ad Jeanette have broken up and gotten back together many times over the past few years, but this time it definitely seems like the end." As The Enquirer reported earlier this year, the two planned to start a family but had not decided whether one of them would carry the child or if they would opt for surrogacy or adoption.

"But recently they've had some huge blowups over Latifah's poor eating and health habits," said the friend.

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☺️👍🏼 Always appreciate the little things and be proud of yourself! #Better Together #Health Is Wealth #Body Blast #Commitment #The Hollywood Trainer Club #Discipline A post shared by Jeanette Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins) on CASUAL 👸🏻 time for some work.

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