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She has accumulated over 3.2 million You Tube subscribers.Her sister Maddie runs the You Tube channel Microglitching.

He was also born in Michigan, and lived in Louisiana and Virginia most of his life. The name "SSundee" originated in late 2009 when his brother in law was making accounts on Call of Duty and trolling other users.She now has over 10 million subscribers as of July 30, 2017, currently gaining tens to hundreds of thousands of subscribers a day.She has received You Tube's Silver and Gold play buttons and should recieve the Diamond play button after her latest subscriber milestone.He often makes vlogs to talk one-on-one with the community about various topics, many inspirational, but usually regarding himself and his channel.He regularly attends conventions including PAX, Vid Con, and Comic-Con, where he engages in signings, meet and greets, and panels.

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  2. Hmm, about me - I enjoy computer games, hard work, time in nature and travel. I'm a nerd without the social phobias that some have, I'm a flirt because that's how I learned to talk to women. I'm back again for some reason, though who knows for how long.

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