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It's likely that there are other charges."Schwartz said Perreault’s relationship with at least some of the alleged victims was through scouting.

He said some of the complaints are 20 years old, if not older.

Sufia teaches physiotherapy at a college in Scarborough.

Azeem has two master’s degrees, but he stopped working three years ago to care for the kids—three girls and a boy, all under 10.

On that day, nobody was eating his or her schnitzels and potato salad. If you’ve stuck with me so far you better grab a glass of water because the menu’s gonna to get a little spicy.

I’m about to take you on a tour of Puerto Galera’s sex industry – as witnessed through the eyes of a female schnitzel.

A spokesperson for the state’s division of Boy Scouts said the organization is cooperating with the police investigation.“The behavior included in these allegations is abhorrent and runs counter to everything for which the Boy Scouts of America stands," said Donald Shepard, scout executive/CEO of the Daniel Webster Council, the New Hampshire division of Boy Scouts of America.

The investigation revealed that Perreault was a scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts of America in the mid-1990s through 2006 in Epping and Newfields, police said. It was reported recently to police by a man who was younger than age 13 at the time of the alleged assault, police said. Mike Schwartz, Perreault was a part-time health officer for the town.

To my fellow female travelers, I hereby declare the following: In case this type of emergency ever happens to you, you have to dial a sense of humor. “Do they have a school here, where they teach them tricks to capture the attention of the male species”, I asked Lisa.

“Not hard to do”, she said, “Most of the men are ugly and old but have money”.

Everything from soapsuds to high-end SUVs is marked down to lure in shoppers and move products off the store shelves.

However, the biggest sale that takes place on Presidents’ Day is the selling of the presidents.

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