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After discovering they have a similar taste in music, they have a conversation about love at a karaoke night; Tom believes in it, but Summer does not.Tom's friend and co-worker Mc Kenzie drunkenly reveals that Tom likes Summer, which Tom asserts is only "as friends", something Summer agrees with.In 1963, after some live performances in pubs and clubs around the USA and Canada, especially in Greenwich Village, New York, and Vancouver, BC, where he played at the same time as Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, he was signed by Jack Somer, an executive at RCA Victor.In 1964, he released his first single, "Everybody Do the Click" (which became a hit in the Philippines, at No.She is attracted to him, but is aware of her commitment to marry Arvind and feels it would be against the Hindu culture (where love is measured with loyalty, trust, respect, and commitment) to break off her engagement - especially when it seems that Danny may be able to see, reject her, and get involved with a much more attractive ... It's worse than door to door selling and getting each potential customer slamming the door on your face.The vision center of the brain is located in the occipital lobe at the back of the head. The worst thing is that I watched it right after "40 year old Virgin".

They make up and Summer concedes Tom deserves some certainty, but that his demand that she promises to always feel the same way about him would be impossible for anyone to make. Tom wants to go back to Summer's place but she insists on seeing The Graduate and weeps at the ending, which surprises Tom as he'd always thought it was a romantic fairy tale.

Danny's operation was done on the temporal lobe behind the ear, which is closer to the memory and language section of the brain. As I look back I wonder what the hell did I do to inflict so much pain on myself.

See more » I don't wish I was blind because that would be an overstatement, but deep down I feel that it would have been better than watching this monstrous horror of a movie.

The film is presented in a nonlinear narrative, jumping between various days within the 500 days of Tom and Summer's relationship. Tom is trained as an architect but works as a writer at a greeting card company in Los Angeles.

On January 8, Tom Hansen meets Summer Finn, his boss's new assistant.

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