Overly accommodating

Private banquet rooms are also available for any event you may be hosting.

Join 21 Main for your next evening out, or allow us to cater your catered affair!

Just the right combination of comfort and casual that makes us feel ‘at home’.” “Spent the night with my two sons in your establishment.

Enjoyed the charm and the atmosphere it was very relaxing.

We spent time in visiting historical places as well as other sites in England, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria & Italy. He is very co-operative , enthusiastic and informative. We spent 15 days in Europe and experienced something widely different every day.

21 Main features the finest 28 Day Dry-Aged Meats and offer the finest in fresh seafood.

Our guests claim we have the best sushi on the ‘Grand Strand’, please come in and see for yourself!

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and priviledgedly located on the seafront promenade of the sandy Praia da Vitoria bay, on the beautiful Terceira Island, Azores, Atlantida Mar Hotel invites you to dive in the Azorean exuberant nature and live unforgettable moments!

Approximately 2 hours flight, departing from any airport in mainland Portugal, land in this oasis of tranquility, full of pleasant contrasts and varied offer – welcome to Terceira Island, one of nine pearls in the middle of the Atlantic, an unspoilt, naturally wonderful, quiet and safe destination!

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Read More Absolutely awesome experience, better than we imagined. With so many countries, cultures, languages and cuisine packed into such a comparatively tiny region.

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