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All the same, our compulsive prejudices, and anxieties, about the French are mirrored by compulsive French prejudices, and anxieties, about the British.

The French look down on us because, they assume, we are badly dressed/under America's thumb/uninterested in food/awkward about sex.

In an exclusive interview with the Mo S, Scott explained that he had always wanted children despite realising as a child that he was born the wrong sex.

When Scott went to Royal Sussex County Hospital for his 32-week scan, the image of Sara was clearly labelled showing the proud parent-to-be’s gender as male.

Now, even part of the French Right, even President Nicolas Sarkozy, declares that the British have taken a disastrous turning away from enterprise and manufacture towards internet gambling on a heroic scale.Posted on August 20, 2009 by peacefulyorkshire Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Perhaps your British man will only order kinky lingerie for you over the internet, didn’t go bonkers for you on Valentine’s Day, and rarely writes you sappy poems or a song… Its just that some British blokes (the ones with a stiff upper lip, I think) might not be as cuddly wuddly and over the top as you hoped (well, when compared to your last American lovah). British romance from those silly movies you’ve seen? This little fact is one that you might discover as an American women coming to the UK.It is just the way it could be for you here in Brittania. Roughly, it is in the same category that a) attempting sex at an English B&B is debatable b)you really should descale your tea-kettle every so often, c ) you could think that English radio is a dictatorship, and d) that public toilets in England will generally have no loo roll.Proud dad Scott Parker today reveals how he became the first man in Britain to have a baby.The graphic designer, who was born female 23 years ago, gave birth to daughter Sara on April 29 – almost seven weeks before Hayden Cross, who last week was reported to be the first man in Britain to give birth.

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