Issues with dating truck drivers know dating becomes relationship

If you had your own truck or if you were driving for an owner operator who only wanted to drive part time you might be able to drive for a week and take off for a week.

Or you might work out split or shared driving in any combination that suited you both.

Marseilles Police Chief Jim Hovious calls the intersection where the semi-trailer accident happened a dangerous one where several traffic crash deaths had already occurred.

When asked, professional drivers will tell you that they are drawn to the Championships by the spirit of competition and by the prestige of being named the best of the best.

It is described by drivers as being like the Olympics, where they come to win but revel in the camaraderie and excitement.

INSTALL IS OUTSTANDING AND IF THERE IS ANY ISSUES WHAT SO EVER IT IS TAKEN CARE OF IMMEDIATELY. Well I’ve got a story to tell about these horribly, cheaply designed pieces of junk.

My dad worked for a company that had them, and he was on five or six different of their trucks, and these worthless things never worked right.

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