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These communications appear instantaneously on the recipient's computer once the sender presses “enter” or selects “send.” It is important to make a distinction between the various types of messaging platforms and possibilities. Messaging programs can be found for both computers and smartphones.

Computers require a small program to be downloaded and installed whereas a smartphone user can easily install an app from the manufacturer’s app store.

Now that IM is included with things like Facebook and Gmail, I’m online even more often.

Most IM clients, or at least most good ones, require a downloaded client in order to work.

Here was a person who could meet your needs the way you have always wanted. You are justified in your anger, yet anger is a way to stay connected to someone, albeit not a positive way. And it is more difficult still when you occasionally interact with the wonderful, caring side of him.

If you keep wanting to call up your ex, or show and tell him how much of a mistake he made, you are holding on with anger. Walking away from or losing such a relationship can be the hardest thing you will ever do.

Three of us sit together in a “pod” comprised of three work stations. The worst is when she curses and uses vulgar language such as shit, damn, etc., but luckily the f-bomb has been very rare.

If I ask her what she’s talking about, she’ll say something like “oh, I wasn’t talking to you” seemingly with a tone of annoyance as if I interrupted her. We work in IT and are developers, and sometimes we need to THINK.

It’s virtually impossible to get 30 minutes without a verbalization loud enough to intrude into whatever I’m working on.

Instant Messaging (IM) or better known as Messaging, and Chat Rooms, utilize the Internet as the backbone for their functionality.

These services provide instant communication between two user’s computers either through typing messages, sending files, and or even pictures.

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