Elucidating the mechanism of cellular uptake and

Toxicity correlated to oxidative stress but not to cellular uptake.

Carbohydrate coating on silver nanoparticles modulates both oxidative stress and cellular uptake, but mainly the first has an impact on toxicity.

A series of studies conducted in the 1980’s observed this process, and we have reanalyzed the results of these studies to help elucidate the molecular mechanism of particulate Ni uptake.

Originally the process of uptake observed was described as phagocytosis, however in the context of recent research we hypothesize that the process is macropinocytosis and/or clathrin mediated endocytosis.

Ag-NPs coated with galactose and mannose were considerably less toxic to neuronal-like cells and hepatocytes compared to particles functionalized by glucose, ethylene glycol or citrate.The discovery of cell penetrating peptides (CPPs) represents a major breakthrough for the transport of large-cargo molecules that may be useful in clinical applications.CPPs are rich in basic amino acids such as arginine and lysine and are able to translocate over membranes and gain access to the cell interior.Ag-NPs functionalized with three different monosaccharides and ethylene glycol were synthesized and characterised.Oxidative stress and toxicity was evaluated by protein carbonylation and MTT assay, respectively.

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