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I would totally recommend this site to young men who are looking for that special kind of woman, and who also may not have the dating skills you think you would need to make one like you, as you can make yourself more desirable by practicing on women who are your type, yet won't have to go through the embarrassment of getting shutdown over the internet.Thanks for reading :) This site has issues that some do not talk about like: 1.Christian, a Christian-owned online dating service, is now the exclusive online dating site working with Boundless, Focus' outreach to young, known for its articles and weekly podcast on issues ranging from biblical dating and relationships to worldview, culture and faith, will provide content for singles on Christian, including articles on navigating the path to marriage with purpose and a solid foundation.Scammers (story from the ripoff report) Date: Submitted: Friday, July 10, 2009 Topic: Christian Cafe Online Dating Services International Dating schemes, Military dating scams Reported By: St. Bias (complaint from the complaints board) Topic: Discrimination Disgrace, Christian Cafe, Ottawa, Ontario Author: The Exposer-Revealer Date: Posted: 2011-10-07 "It is an absolute shame and a disgrace when one has to write about a Christian site that is supposed to be a hallmark for christian equity and equality in this secular world but the time has come for its disgrace to be exposed.Petersburg, Florida "I was contacted by a fellow I met online through C This site falls far below the standards of what a christian ought to be in terms of impartiality and fairness.

I emailed management and they gave me back the money that was taken out of the account. I enjoyed speaking to them who lived from around the country.Going to church on Sabbath and joining church´s activities didn´t help to find me a partner because either the single men were undatable or the great men were taken.This is the reason why I had to turn to online dating to look for a potential partner.Dating does not include listings for all dating sites.Christian is one of the few online dating sites strictly dedicated to Christian singles.

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Because I was a workaholic high school teacher juggling my full-time teaching job, private tutorials, and debate trainings, I had very little time to go out and socialize.

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