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Fundamental differences in the distribution of oceans and landmasses in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres potentially impact patterns of biological diversity in the two areas.The evolutionary history of conifers provides an opportunity to explore these dynamics, because the majority of extant conifer species belong to lineages that have been broadly confined to the Northern or Southern Hemisphere during the Cenozoic.In particular, there are fundamental geographic differences between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres in terms of land and ocean area, and these differences might be expected to influence broad evolutionary patterns among the organisms in these regions.The impact of these major geographic differences on the evolutionary history of animals and plants of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres has received relatively little attention (4, 5), perhaps because the complex histories of lineages and the landscapes themselves obscure the deepest imprints of large-scale geographic patterns.“Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman,” giving all your love to just one cinema.Or as Kennedy puts it to Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer: “you always turn off the Moulin Rouge!

If not, she may be directly punished for her narrative and social transgression by exclusion, outlawing or even death.” LOVE is in cinemas and online from October to December 2015.

The Feminist’s Guide to Love, a series of discussion groups exploring feminist issues relating to our LOVE season, begins at BFI Southbank on 4 November.

“Fortunately for feminists,” Kuhn continues, “things are not always so clear cut in dominant cinema,” but have improved achingly slowly.

They include surface micro−roughness parameters measured with the Handysurf E35−B electronic profilometer - a new tool in geomorphology, Schmidt hammer rebound (R−values) and weathering rind thickness.

Values of these indices obtained from study sites exposed to subaerial weathering for more than ca.

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The Female Gaze collection on BFI Player adds some recent feminist lovehearts such as Appropriate Behaviour (Desiree Akhavan), Wuthering Heights (Andrea Arnold) and Second Coming (Debbie Tucker Green).

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